About me

About me

Indra is a long time yoga practitioner and a 500 hours certified instructor with Yoga Alliance. Her passion for Yoga was instilled at the age of 10 with the teachings of Indra Devi, the first western lady to have brought Yoga to the West over 50 years ago. After spending over 30 years in business, Indra is now committed to helping people live a balanced life with yoga. 

Indra obtained her 200 hours Yoga Certification at the YogaSpace Studio under the tutelage of Kathryn Beet, Patricia White, Fiona Walker, Karusia Wroblewski and Darcie Clarke. After spending an additional 3 months in India with some of the most dedicated masters of Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda she got her 300 hours certification under the guidance of Vimal Pandey and Omji of Yoga Chakra. She has foundational training in Ayurveda an ancient healing system through natural means which in combination with Yoga is a powerful system for health and well-being.

About three years ago, after an absence from Yoga practice, she started to experience shooting pain through her feet as a result of Osteoarthritis. Rather than accepting it as her reality she started Yoga again and within a few weeks, the pain disappeared. The body can be restored to a self-healing state through Yoga, a gift Indra wants to share with everyone.

As a single mother and now an empty-nester, Indra is well versed with stress induced by trying to balance career and home. To read about Indra’s corporate experience click here www.indradosanjh.com

She is grateful to her late mother who was gifted in her knowledge of Ayurvedic remedies and simple living. As well, she is grateful to all her yoga teachers, past and present who have helped her stay on the path.

Indra serves clients through workshops, yoga classes, corporate yoga and private sessions.